Date:7 de January de 2016 11:36

Vikudha is a global trading group committed to growing our clients’ businesses.
We trade petrochemicals, chemicals, polymers, minerals and edible oils, providing both buyers and sellers with access to markets around the world, backed by local insight and a reliable and seamless service.
Our growing network of 13 offices, all in different locations and a spread of purchase and sales channels provides easy access to markets and manufacturers around the world.

We connect both buyers and suppliers in global trade.
Our global network of 13 offices in different locations provides suppliers with access to multiple markets, local market insight, supply chain expertise, and financial reliability and flexibility to support their growth.
For buyers, we provide a robust network of manufacturers of various origins, a wide range of products, timely delivery, and secure transactions.
We at Vikudha go to great lengths to step into your shoes and understand your needs better. It is from this perspective that we are able to make your business goals our goals and ultimately, grow your trade.
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