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VIGNA BRASIL was founded in 1996 and the objective at the time was to provide services in field trials of agronomic effectiveness and waste with pesticides and fertilizers. Two years later, we decided to only provide services in regulatory matters in these same segments and then, establish partnerships with companies and official institutions for the field trials. More recently (from 2014), we have decided to return to the origins and re-establish ourselves in the R & D service segment, but now with its own experimental station in Piracicaba / SP and advanced areas and availability to perform tests of agronomic effectiveness and residues in any part of Brazil, for any crop, target and season. We are also in the assembly of the infrastructure to obtain future accreditation with MAPA and INMETRO in order to be able to execute and provide official reports for registration purposes or only for internal knowledge.

We provide consulting and consulting services to input companies from various sectors, acting mainly in regulatory matters and fully assisting domestic and foreign companies in strategic decisions and business viability in Brazil.

Since then, the company has grown significantly, entering various service segments and becoming a leader in Brazil, gaining international recognition of great relevance to the sector.

In 2004, the UK magazine AGROW released a report (TOP 30 CROs – Contract Research Organization) listing the top 30 service companies in the world linked to the agricultural inputs sector. VIGNA BRASIL was the only Brazilian company that was part of this group. In April 2008, this same magazine elected us as one of the 15 most important service companies in the world.

We are a leading regulatory consulting firm in Brazil.

In 2005 we became the VIGNA BRASIL Group, when we opened a new company (Vigna Brasil Projetos) with its own life and focus in the area of ​​consulting in agro-industrial projects in markets in Brazil, South and Central America and Africa. Now in 2015, this company is no longer part of the Group.

In August 2010, we launched a new Services Division called Business Advisors, providing integrated services in market intelligence and business development for companies in the input segments we currently work for, but not only. Our banner is to offer “full services provider”, mainly serving foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Brazil or local companies that want to expand their business here.

As can be seen, the VIGNA BRASIL Group has as its philosophy the continuous commitment to the development of new businesses, but always maintaining the main focus: ethics and maximum excellence in the services rendered.