Date:1 de December de 2020 10:00

The Trayan Comercial Importadora Exportadora Representações e Consultoria Ltda was created in 1990, based on the vision of future product and service globalization.
Our mission is to bring to Brazil new technologies with the objective to improve Brazilian products and meet the challenge of global market quality.
Trayan has selected principals and products of top quality and leaders in the field they serve. Based on this partnership several training programs have taken place abroad and also in Brazil to transfer application technologies to Brazilian companies, thus helping to improve their final products.
Today Trayan and its international partners analyze clientes problems and search for solutions and improvement to their products, using its principal´s laboratories and research centers.
Trayan is proud of having developed specific products for Brazilian clients and fulfilling their requeriments for advanced technology.
Trayan serves the following product lines: fine chemicals, non-ferrous materials, evacuation systems, fire detectors and systems, and machine tools.

São Paulo
Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 881, CJ 710 - São Paulo - SP