Date:14 de October de 2013 15:34

Natrio is a global company specializing in the import and distribution of large-scale chemical bulk, efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. We are the largest worldwide distributor of ANSAC (American Natural Soda Ash Corporation) soda ash (known in the market as a barrel), and we are globally recognized for our high levels of service, reliability, credibility, integrity and respect for our environment.

Efficiency, professionalism and innovation lead us as a group and these pillars have been an integral part of our success.

Natrio's mission is to provide sustainable products and integrated services, delivering large-scale chemical bulk and logistics solutions that deliver value through reliability, quality, efficiency, support and expertise.

Our values ​​align with our commitment to a high level of integrity, respect for our employees and the environment.

Based on four decades of experience, Natrio will continue to grow by expanding our global presence and diversifying our product offering to become the largest, most valuable and most respected distributor of chemicals in commodities and the markets we operate.

We will continue to strive for the commitment to the sustainability and safety of everyone we relate to.

Rio de Janeiro
Rua do Passeio, nº 56 - 16º andar - Centro – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil