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QLT is a logistics company that was born a specialist. Since the beginning of its operations in 1994 – under the Quimitrans brand – QLT has been dedicated to the chemical and hazardous products market, developing technology in equipment and adaptation processes, creating its own know-how to meet the most demanding demands of companies in this market.
Today QLT offers a mix of services and equipment, aligned to the most modern management practices and operational technologies applied to logistics, seeking to expand its service and scope of action with responsibility, determination and awareness about safety, governance and sustainability day-to-day activities.
Thus, after 27 years, QLT’s leadership continues to seek to improve and develop its solutions to strengthen this outstanding position. All the focus and commitment of these actions are based on the Visão 30 Strategic Plan, where the company seeks, when it turns 30, to be recognized as the best solution in logistics services, with excellence and safety, in the dangerous products segment.