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We are a Brazilian company, with 33 years of activities, which was born in a small garage in the city of Blumenau-SC.
Pioneer in the development of solutions aimed at the modernization and computerization of industries, as well as in the provision of services to train people in the use of this technology.

Our solutions are SPECIALISTS for Textile and Clothing, Chemicals and Derivatives, Food and Beverages, specializing in Industrial Management.

In 1988 we started with a software aimed at the Management of Dyes, today, after evolution and expansion of the areas served, it is called
SGT – Textile Management System. An expert solution for each production area, from raw material input to finished product delivery.

In 2012, expanding customer service, we created a product for the Sales Force that in 2019 was updated, with new technologies, today it is an Omnisales Solution for Sales, with Mobility, Telesales and B2B e-commerce.

In 2015, Operacional, taking up an idea that emerged in 2001, launched PROCESS, a specific software for the Management of Chemicals and Derivatives, Food and Beverages, thus opening a new market.

In February 2018, the company was renamed Operational Solution. A brand rebranding, a strategic moment that further strengthens the brand due to the expansion of the markets in which it operates.

In August 2021, the company changes its headquarters, seeking an even more professional and suitable environment for the new post-pandemic market trends.

Operacional always maintains proximity to the industries and their processes, and through research and development of new technologies, it offers solutions that are specialists in the sectors it serves.

The company’s history is guided by a great commitment, support and trust from its customers and partners, added to the dedication, commitment and experience of its team.

Operacional Solution seeks to offer the best management practices to its customers.

Offer the best solutions in information technology for the textile and clothing, chemical and derivatives industries.

Constant learning in the development of solutions that contribute to human and technological evolution.