Date:14 de October de 2013 17:09

100% Brazilian company, founded in May 1988, Metachem has since then, expanding and solidifying their business in the representation and distribution of chemical products that include specialty performance products and commodities.

The Metachem has in its portfolio various specialties to meet the Brazilian and South Americano.Atua market representing and distributing raw materials produced by internationally recognized manufacturers.

With seriousness and rigor in choosing which distributes the Metachem has a strong commitment to the market. Quality and innovation are a diverse range of products with over 300 items for the areas of:

Human (bread, juice, milk, meats, desserts, flavors and fragrances) Food;
Adhesives (contact, hot melt PSA, acrylics);
Lubricants (automotive and industrial synthetic);
Paints (automotive, industrial and printing);
varnishes; refractories;
Treatment of Leather; resins; plastics;
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics;
Detergents and Cleaning Products;
Water Treatment (industrial, paper and pulp, sugar and alcohol mills, tanneries);
Catalysts for chemical processes, pesticides, plasticizers, photography, dyes, pigments, wood treatment, among others.

Based in one of the main avenues in São Paulo Metachem also has its own facilities in Itupeva / SP, where we warehouse, quality control laboratory and blending plant.

The Metachem Prodir is a certified company (Case charge distribution), whose focus is the health and safety of everyone involved in the distribution chain as well as the environment.
The company, which started with just two employees, now has a large specialized staff. The Metachem is continually investing in its employees, with a constant concern of valuing one of its biggest assets: the human resource.

The Board, Management and all employees of Metachem are committed to a policy of good practices with their partners and customers. The Metachem own personalized attention to each customer, striving always to exceed customer expectation, knowing your needs, providing appropriate products and researching new products and new solutions.

São Paulo
Avenida Angélica, 1814 - Pacaembu - São Paulo - SP - Brasil - CEP 01228-200