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Mantoflex is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of thermoplastic elastomers and the creation of technological and sustainable solutions to meet the demands of the industry and the trends in its market. Mantoflex’s main business is the synthesis and sale of thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Founded in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, on November 16, 2016, Mantoflex emerged from the ideological union between company, academia, government, qualified professionals and market needs. Research, development and innovation are part of the company’s DNA.

In 2012, from a research project, a partnership was formed with the academic world, state government and research centers. As a result of this work, a pilot plant on a laboratory scale was developed. In this project, the purpose was to study and master the TPU reactive extrusion synthesis technology. With the help of FINEP, in 2014, the construction of a plant on an industrial scale was started, based on the acquired knowledge of synthesis by reactive extrusion for the production of TPU-based nanocomposites. This was the first plant in the country to be developed with 100% Brazilian technology, an unprecedented feat.

In 2016, Mantoflex’s strategic planning was completely overhauled and started to aim at a new market in which it operates, becoming a spin-off of the Mantova economic group.

Focusing on more technical applications of TPUs, in 2018, the company started to make products available to the market in different types of applications, serving its customers in a differentiated way, offering solutions both in terms of quality control (laboratory tests), how much raw material processing and technical monitoring.

Currently, Mantoflex is a startup in the polymeric materials sector, with great potential for growth through the development of new and revolutionary thermoplastic elastomers.

For years to come, Mantoflex is committed to being an innovative, world-class chemical company, admired by its employees and respected by the community.