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Our story:
Since 1995 in the plastics market, initially working with PP and PE recycling. From experience, we identified the biggest difficulties that recovery companies find: High energy costs and maintenance costs.
From our findings we worked on developing solutions, initially for our own production, but due to the success of the results we opened our solutions to the Brazilian recycling market, which today has become IJ Máquinas.

Our mission:
To develop productive solutions in the plastics industry, providing products adapted to the needs of our customers, contributing to the national development.

To make the plastic recycling process viable and sustainable, being a reference in innovation in the plastic processing equipment market.

We believe that the only way to achieve our vision and complete our goals is through zeal with the practice of justice in every way, which brings us a healthy corporate environment and enables us to enjoy with joy not only our salary but also the process of conquest along with our employees, customers and suppliers.
We understand that justice carries truth, honor, dignity and love.

Our differences:

We identify the major production problems in the industrial process and create pioneering solutions for the market.

Our machines are widely known for their efficiency. Our guarantee for the customer is “If the Equipment does not make you satisfied, we accept the return of the same with the refund of your money!”.

Because they are super-sized, our equipment, if well cared for, has the differential of working for long periods without maintenance or engine burn costs, which is very common in conventional equipment, for example.

Personalized service
We constantly develop customized designs of rotors and knives, designed on the basis of studies of the dynamics of the behavior of each type of plastic material (Shavings and millings of PE, PP, Wet, Dry, thus providing our customers with an excellent quality equipment , a rotor kit with knives that, based on practical tests present better performance for the type of material with which it works).