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 COMPONENTES ULTRASSÔNICOS (sonotrodos conversores soldas) 
   SELAGEM POR ULTRASSOM (embalagens soldas) 
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More than 30 patents confirm our position as market leader. Financial independence provides a solid foundation. But it is always the people who are most important. Only together can we move forward and establish new frameworks.
The story of Herrmann Ultraschall begins with the entrepreneurial vision of Walter Herrmann, who founded the company in 1961. Over the last 40 years, its name has become synonymous with technological leadership and innovations in ultrasonic welding systems.

With its pioneering inventions, especially in the field of high-performance generator technology, and its enterprising spirit, Mr. Herrmann has laid a foundation for the commercial success of ultrasound technology. He took his business to the top of the ranking in ultrasonic plastic welding and assembly.