Energis 8 Brasil

Date:3 de December de 2019 17:22

In an extremely competitive market, Energis 8 Brasil Group seeks through its subsidiaries to offer a variety of products and services of proven quality. A responsibility of those who seek excellence in their work.

Active in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Agribusiness, Services and Transport sectors, Energis 8 Brazil Group builds national and international partnerships through its business.

The advanced and systemic view already consolidated by the holding company bases its organizational model on the integration and evolution of the sectors in which it operates, actively contributing to sustainable development.

The Energis 8 Brasil Group works to be a quality reference, always aiming to achieve a good business for its customers and contributing to the responsible evolution of the industry and human relations.

Seek the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality products and services, in an ethical manner, with social and environmental responsibility, generating wealth with sustainability and contributing to the improvement of people's quality of life.

Be a national and international reference company operating in the chemical, agribusiness and lubricants sectors.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
Human valorization