Date:17 de September de 2018 11:10

Ecovita, founded in April 1991, is a 100% Brazilian company that was born to work in the market of chemical products for the footwear shoe sector. From the development of this expertise, it has expanded its business to the synthetic and textile sectors.

It is located in an area of ​​3,000 m², in the Industrial District of Novo Hamburgo / RS and has a branch in Franca / SP, which allows greater agility and efficiency to cover and service the other regions of the country.

Through its own production and its partnership with internationally recognized brands, Ecovita offers its customers a complete line of products.

It has a modern application laboratory, equipped to carry out tests to develop new products and solutions destined to the internal and external market, besides a specialized department for the preparation and sending of samples to the clients in Brazil and abroad.

In addition to extensive technical assistance, customers can also check out the company's Showroom, the chemistry coming to life. Based on respect for human value and the environment, transforming inspiration into reality and offer solutions that enable the innovation and growth of its customers and business partners, has been the raison d'etre of Ecovita for more than 25 years.