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 CLAWS FOR ROBOTS (grippers) 
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Automation Wizard
Mago Automação produces the Robots Dal Maschio in São Paulo.

The equipment, with high flexibility and easy use, is generally used for the automation of thermo plastic injection processes, palletizing of parts at the end of the line, feeding of machining centers, etc.

In the automation of plastic injection molding machines, they can act in the removal of the injected parts, cutting of their injection channels, labeling, stacking, counting, application of inserts, application of decorative films in In Mold Label (IML) processes, etc.

Main benefits obtained with the automation of its injection molding machines:

Average production increase of 20% when compared to production in semi-automatic, reaching more than 100% in special cases such as assembly of inserts, In Mold Label and others,
Greater repeatability of production quality with the elimination of an important process variable: the operator
 Reduction and optimization of labor resources,
Important reduction of waste and / or discarded parts,
Higher energy efficiency as the cost of electrical energy for production is reduced by diluting it in a larger number of parts injected in the same period of time.
Dal Maschio has been present in the Italian industrial market since 1829 becoming a leading brand that designs, manufactures and markets robots and automations