Date:17 de July de 2020 12:00

The Coremal is a leading distributor of chemicals in the country, with units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pernambuco and Ceará. Founded in 1952, the company markets a wide range of products from leading national and international manufacturers in the area. The Coremal is certified by the Responsible Distribution Process (PRODIR - Associquim) and the process of "marketing services of chemical products for industrial use", mother and São Paulo branch, is certified based on ISO 9001.

One of the company's premises is always provide the best service to its customers. Therefore meets the highest standards, both in the delivery of products, as in the preservation of their quality, guaranteed by their manufacturers.

The combination of punctuality, expanded inventory, sales staff trained and motivated to meet the needs of each customer and long-term union with solid national and international partners, enable Coremal offer their customers: trust, tradition, speed and good service .

Bring to market high-quality products and provide the best solution to the most demanding professionals in the market and consumers, are the proposals of Coremal.

São Paulo
Avenida Coronel Luís Rodrigues Roraes de Barros, 275-709, Cotia - São Paulo, 06716-030, República Federativa do Brasil