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Since 1990, Colorfix Masterbatches has been working on the innovation and development of color concentrates. Today, there are more than 50 thousand formulas and additives, which promote the improvement of both products and customer processes.

With headquarters located in Colombo, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Paraná, the company also has units in São Paulo (São Caetano) and Pernambuco (Industrial District of Recife).

The technical team is made up of chemical engineers who combine intellectual training with industry experience. In addition, these professionals constantly participate in national and international updates and fairs. For these reasons, the Colorfix team is able to understand the need of the market and develop viable and high quality products, providing a real technical-commercial consulting.

Product line

Colorfix offers specific products and services according to the needs of each customer, always focusing on the best product and the best solution. Its complete line ranges from color concentrates to additives, which in addition to improving the production process, adds value to the product and / or process of the customer.


The constant investment in technology and the search for innovations in this area are precepts followed by the company since its foundation.

The participation in fairs around the world and the investment in training and constant updating of the professionals allow that Colorfix is ​​always at the forefront of technology.

In this sense, the company combines the best of human capacity with modern technologies.

The result is felt by the customer, having products of extreme precision, special and with the best cost-benefit ratio.


Colorfix produces the most modern technology in the world market, making it possible to meet both the national and international markets under the most rigorous quality standards. All products undergo tests in the laboratories before reaching the market, which guarantees great results to the final products.

The company has an Environmental Policy in order to establish a culture of actions focused on the Environment, which seeks to minimize the environmental impacts resulting from its activities, taking into account the current legal requirements, in addition to contributing to the reduction of environmental degradation.

This includes several actions that began with the development of the Environmental Aspects and Impacts Survey (LAIA), a tool that helps to visualize which items have the highest environmental richness indexes, based on the severity of the impact. In the case of Colorfix, each sector has its ‘LAIA’ and these are periodically reviewed and released.

The separation of waste is also an important and fundamental step for the correct destination of each material, because with this, the company can effectively do the recycling. However, not all waste generated by the company is recyclable, which is the case with process water, which initially comes out with some pigment particles. For these cases, Colorfix has a Treatment Station (ETE), which is used for treatment and temporary storage of the effluent.

Of the 100% of treated effluent, about 20% becomes sludge and the remainder becomes transparent again. This effluent passes through laboratory analyzes and is discarded in the Sanepar collection network. Already the sludge is pressed by a highly effective system that can ‘dry’ up to 90% of the particles and the pressed sludge is properly discarded as contaminated residue.


The self-monitoring of atmospheric emissions is another important point for the observation that the gases that are going to the atmospheric are not harming the Environment, for this once a year the monitoring is done and registered in the responsible organ so that there is no incoherence Within this framework.

Cleaning boxes of water, detoxification and rat control could not be lacking in this list of actions and make for the correct attention to the Environment. In addition to all the above mentioned items, there are several other necessary legislation to be followed that Colorfix makes a point of complying with them, such as the IBAMA federal technical register, Operation License, Operating License, Sanitary License, Firefighter Release , Granes well and Sanepar, third party license for correct disposal of waste and to complement the Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA).


Focus on the market: The customer is the reason for our existence.

Innovation and technology: Invest in research and development of new products and new manufacturing technologies.

Product-quality: Being committed to Total Quality, in products and services, with work and in interpersonal relationships. In this way we add value to the brand and the organization.

Partnership practice: Promote ethical, healthy and lasting relationship with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Focus on the result: Commitment to reach the Plan of Goals and to stimulate the i