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   PITCH (colophony) 
   VEGETAL TURPENTINE (turpentine essence) 
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On February 8, 1995, was founded near the city of Campina do Monte Alegre, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, a factory for the manufacture of pine resin gum for the production of pitch and turpentine.
This venture is the result of the synergy obtained from the association of Brazilian and Portuguese entrepreneurs. The first with 35 years of experience in forest exploration and obtaining gum resin and the second with 25 years of experience in the industrialization of this raw material.
Based on several modifications and adjustments to the market demand levels, the quality management system certification according to ISO 9001: 2000 was obtained in July 2007.

Campinus has been operating since 1995 in the manufacture of pine resin gum producing rosin (rosin) and turpentine, products that are used by various industry segments, including: synthetic resin manufacturing, glues, adhesives, paints, varnishes, production rubbers, chewing gum, toiletries, cleaning products, waxes, depilatory waxes, fragrances and perfumes, etc.

Campinus has long been a major exporter of its products, making it well known on virtually every continent.

Process natural pine resins into pitch and turpentine according to national and international quality standards.

Be an international quality standard in the manufacture of pitch, turpentine and their derivatives.

• Satisfy customers with the highest quality products.
• Return on invested capital
• Be a company where employees enjoy working
• Respect for ethical and moral standards
• Respect for the environment
• Partnership with suppliers and customers
• Community Integration
• Social responsability

Social responsability
Believing that only a company that is responsible for society and the environment can grow and add value to its brand, Campinus is committed to protecting the environment and preserving it. Precepts that guide the Company’s actions in Environmental Preservation:

“Campinus continually strives to improve products and processes to eliminate or reduce the environmental impact of industrial operations. It also develops actions with employees and the community seeking to raise awareness of responsible environmental behavior. It also seeks to know each environmental aspect arising from its activities, products and services, promoting the prevention of its impacts on the environment and society.
That’s why at Campinus social and environmental responsibility are vital commitments.

Human Capital Management
Campinus understands that in order to meet business plans and strategies, it is of utmost importance to continually invest in developing the skills of our employees in their broadest form.
In addition to ensuring all labor rights, it offers its employees several other benefits aimed at quality of life, motivation and professional development:

• Food is valid for all employees.

• Ergonomic Project with outpatient clinic equipped with various equipment and work exercises and postural correction to its employees in their daily activities.

• Encouraging physical activity through the sponsorship of sports practices and participation in municipal, intermunicipal and JOIS Games (SESI Industrial Games).

• Provides the practice of leisure, through socializing, cultural activities among others.

Ergonomic Design
Today, companies, while exposing individuals to high levels of tension and stress, have turned their discussions to quality of life and disease prevention programs. These discussions become even more evident and necessary, as we observe the positive influence and the various benefits of investing in health and quality of life of the professional along with the company’s growth objectives, thus ensuring quality in service delivery. products as well as in the production process and service execution.
It is in this vision that CAMPINUS has been investing in an ergonomic project coordinated by a physical therapist. The Ergonomic Project consists of:

* Labor Gymnastics, characterized by activities developed in the work environment, acting preventively and therapeutically, through exercises that will compensate the structures used during the function and activate others that are not being requested, with the purpose of postural correction and RSI prevention. / DORT (repetitive strain injuries / work-related musculoskeletal disorders)

Relationship with the Community
Since its inception, Campinus seeks to improve its relationship with the city of Campina do Monte Alegre, the city in which the company is installed and where most of our employees live. Several actions are today led and supported by Campinus aiming at the inclusion and social development of our region:

• Lectures on topics related to health, safety and environment to our employees, enabling them as multiplying agents of these contents.

• Support for entities such as: Campina do Monte Alegre Exceptional Parents and Friends Association (APAE), New Family Nursing Home and Antonio Abel Ferreira Mendes Municipal Nursery, which is named after one of the company’s founders.