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Consultancy – Technical Advisory and Training for the Industrial Sector, contributing to the increase of the Productivity-Profitability and Profitability of the company, as well as acting in Human Development in Talent Formation.

We complement the Creation and Development of Strategies to achieve Sustainable Results.

We developed a Management model focused on Industry 4.0, and the Economic Production and Lean Production Philosophy, using Takt Time, which means aligning production with demand precisely, providing a rhythm to the lean production system known as the Pull System. It is one of the Key Indicators for applying the Lean Manufacturing concept.

Takt Time assists in preventing Losses such as Scrap, Waste, Overtime and Production Imbalance.

Plastic Sector Consulting
Manufacturing Process Audit with Focus on Eliminating Losses = OEE
Specialized Training for the Plastic Sector
Technical Advisory – Injection – Extrusion industry
Diagnostics and Action Plan with Defined Goals = Profit
Analysis and Improvement of the whole Manufacturing Process – EPS
Business Management – Excellent Production
Technical Training of Employees
Technical Training of Lean Leaders and Supervisors
Reduction of Production Costs
Standardization of Manufacturing Processes
Productivity increase
Increased Profitability
Increased Profitability
Elimination of (7) seven Wastes – Process Losses
Refuse Disposal
Reduction of Overtime Production
Preparation of Injection-Extrusion Process Documentation
Production Control Documentation Preparation
Machine / Man / Procedure Load Study and others.