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We are a genuinely Brazilian company, founded in 1946 by Mr. Antonio da Silva Ferreira better known as Mr.Ferreira. We have over 70 years of experience in supplying the most varied types of ethyl alcohol: anhydrous, hydrated, extra neutral and organic, with quality to serve the most diverse sectors of the pharmaceutical, food, automobile and others.

Founded in a small house in Bairro da Mooca where Mr. Ferreira lived with his family, Álcool Ferreira began to build his dream. The result of hard work has earned the trust of customers and suppliers. With the credibility gained the demand increased. The dream grew and Mooca’s house became small for Mr. Ferreira’s wings, and in 1979 Álcool Ferreira moved to the Itaquera neighborhood, where it significantly expanded its operational and stocking capacity.

In 1982 the dream grew even more and to establish a very high level of quality and excellence in the service to its customers, acquired in Cordeirópolis-SP, an area of ​​24,000 m² building there a distillery for the production of extra neutral alcohol with a production capacity of 1,500. .000 liters and also a storage of 6,500,000 liters to guarantee its customers a high quality product and a fast and efficient delivery. Today there are more than 62,500 m² of area in Cordeirópolis.

Since 1991 the city of Osasco has housed the headquarters that was transferred in 2014 to the Alphaville Business Center in Barueri, centralizing the distribution near the distillery in Cordeirópolis.

With a state-of-the-art distillery and laboratory, combined with a widely distributed logistics system, Álcool Ferreira is present throughout the product, ensuring safety, quality and punctual deliveries in any part of Brazil. In addition, we operate in foreign markets with presence in several countries in America, Europe and Africa, with the same quality and efficiency achieved in the Brazilian market.

There are more than 70 years of history with many pages to write. Mr. Ferreira’s dream is a reality and time has passed, but the path that was traced in the small house in Mooca remains firm and strong: our greatest asset will always be our client.

Concern about quality is the main pillar of Álcool Ferreira. With a team of specialized professionals and a modern 24-hour laboratory with rigorous processes, our products are assured of quality and safety, bringing peace of mind to our customers.

Own Distillery
New and Identified Fleet
Clients satisfaction
Delivery on time
Continuous Process Improvement
Trained and Specialized Team
Modern Laboratories
Quality Products and Services

Quality management
Developing an efficient management system on all fronts lets everyone know the way we want to go, meeting the needs of our external and internal customers, seeking continuous improvement of our processes.

It contemplates the quality policy and objectives aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.

People management
Investing in people is, and always will be, the best way to achieve great results and exceed expectations. A valued work team, aware of the importance of its role and constantly trained for each function, now composes a family united around an ideal of solidity and excellence.

Environmental management
Responsible companies regard the environmental issue as a natural concern and this is incorporated into their procedures. For us, environmental management is a continuous process, taken with seriousness and professionalism, as we know that this healthy attitude adds value to our final product, our brand and image.

With sustainability actions, especially in our Cordeirópolis unit, where our products are produced, we are doing our part in line with worldwide concern regarding environmental issues.

Biomass boiler that uses sugarcane bagasse fuel and chips (eucalyptus wood chips).
Cogeneration of energy to keep the plant running: steam generator power generated by the boiler.
Reuse of water from alcohol distillation process and ETA filter backwash.
Reuse of rainwater.
Reuse of boiler bottom discharge water in boiler scrubbers.
Use of biodegradable cleaning products.
Selective collection and disposal of waste (organic and recyclable).